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Organizer which has a modern design, for office tables. It is fixed directly with two screws on the top of the table. If you want it with a different design, please visit our families LKABA, LKEBU and LKABZ.

Material:  PP  
Standard colors: Black - RAL9006 / RAL colors manufactured 
Drawing PDF:  
Measures expressed in: Millimeters
BIO Line: BIO LINE the following references are also available in environment friendly materials. Contact our Commercial Office for more information.

Total length (A)
Length of the element (G)
Number of elements
Base diameter (C)
00301201613 830,00 40,00 17 140,00 25,00 44,00 59,00      
00301201614 1.280,00 40,00 27 140,00 25,00 44,00 59,00      

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Our cable snake allows to bundle and guide the cables under the table to the desired place, in a discreet way. This snake is easy to install with screws.   Our Cable Grip is an elegant solution to keep your cables and wires organized under a table or a desk. It is available in different colors, with the additional possibility of manufacturing special colors upon minimum order. The cable organizer is always supplied with the holes so it can be screwed to a surface, and can also be supplied with <b>adhesive tape to facilitate installation and even to make the screwing unnecessary</b>. The base is made of ABS material and the flexible tabs where the cables are kept, of LDPE (low density polyethylene).   Our clamp cable organizer is recommended for organizing, fixing and guiding cables. It can be complemented with a metal lock, for applications where screws cannot be used for fixing.